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Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS subfertility

Some clinical research has focused on the Ayurvedic treatment of subfertility.

Subfertility is when you’re trying to get pregnant but experience a delay in conceiving. It can be a symptom of PCOS.

A 2017 study Source of 15 people with PCOS, for example, looked at Vamana Karma (therapeutic vomiting), along with the administration of Yoga-Ikshwaaku seed powder followed by Shatapushpadi Ghanavati (a compounded formulation). Researchers determined that this process may be effective in increasing the chances of conception for PCOS patients.

Shodhana (detoxification and purification procedures)
Shamana (palliative treatments to reduce discomfort and relieve symptoms)
Tarpana (offering made to divine entities)

If you’re considering Ayurveda or any other alternative treatment options for PCOS, discuss your thoughts with your doctor. They know the details of your current health and the potential interactions that may occur with any medication you’re currently taking.

Your doctor can customize a treatment plan for your PCOS — perhaps incorporating Ayurveda — to meet your needs.

Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS typically focuses on:

Herbs, such as ashwagandha and turmeric
Therapies, such as yoga and breathing exercises
Lifestyle, such as increasing consumption of fruits, Vegetables, and whole grains while reducing consumption of saturated fats, salt, and refined sugar

Talk with a doctor before trying Ayurvedic treatment

Always check with your doctor before starting any alternative therapy