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About me and the way I choose to practice Child Care.

Let’s make it fun and exciting for children and families to come discuss.

To be born as a female is such a blessing of God to a human being.But sometimes in our society it becomes a curse when a girl get to fail in transformation of a women.As our society accept a girl as a complete women when she became able to give birth to a new life.But in our changing and busy lifestyle females forget to take care of their selves due to which a lots of female disorders like early menstruation, delayed menstruation, leucorrhoea,hormonal imbalance,PCOD,short stature, adolescent acnes, depression and above all biggest problem of infertility makes life of a smiling female such a messy hell to live and she starts to wander here and there to prove herself a complete women

I make it a priority to establish an open, cooperative relationship with our patients. The goal is to partner with you to achieve optimum health for your child…

I m starting Santripty specially for those females who are facing such type of physical and mentally harassed conditions.I assure all women out there I will give u best services so that they can rejoice that fulfillment feeling of being a complete women.So come to us and I will surely make you give that satisfaction of being a healthy women physically as well as mentally then u pray to God for urselves…

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo
I give women super-practical, actionable guidance so they can feel great, take care of their bodies, and actually enjoy the process.

Psychotherapy & Counseling

A visit to the doctor can be Fun!

Let's brake some myths and help children get comfortable with doctors.