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Heavy periods, Menstrual bleeding – Ayurvedic Treatment

Heavy periods, irregular periods, menstrual bleeding are due to many physiological and pathological causes. such as hormonal imbalance, stress, depression

Menorrhagia is the technical term for prolonged uterine bleeding. Uncontrolled uterine bleeding or excessive menstrual bleeding is also termed by this name in few of the instances. In Ayurvedic texts, it is named as Raktapradara or Asrigdara. ‘Asrik’ means blood and ‘dara’ refers to excessive flow.

Causative factors of Asrgdara

Causative / worsening factors for Menorrhagia (heavy periods) include Excessive fasting Fasting for a very long period of time causes an increase of Vata and Pitta Doshas. The same two Doshas are related to menorrhagia.Excess of sexual indulgence leads to Vata Dosha increaseIntake of spicy food leads to Pitta dosha increaseIntake of food containing deep penetrative nature like garlic, asafoetida, mustard etcHeavy exercise Stress and tension etcFor the above reasons, the above activities are contra-indicated in people with heavy periods.

Origin of Menorrhagia (Asrigdara)

Due to the above said unwholesome diet and habits, both raktadhatu and Pitta doshas are vitiated. It leads to heavy periods, fatigue, back pain etc symptoms.

Symptoms of Asrigdara

The symptoms can be divided into four sets based on the Vitiated DoshaVataja Asrigdara: Pain, frothy bleeding like the flower of palasha is found. Pittaja Asrigdara: The bleeding will be blackish red, warm and associated with fever. Kaphaja Asrigdara: Pallor, slimy, thick, stable( long-lasting) bleeding is observed in case of kaphaja asrigdara. Sannipataja Asrigdara: It is associated with syncope and fever and mixed symptoms of all the three doshas; It is very difficult to treat.

Treatment of Asrigdara

Treatment to balance down Pitta dosha and Rakta (blood tissue) blocking therapy is adopted. Line of treatment of Raktapitta bleeding disorders is found to be suitable in Raktapradara or Asrigdara.Sheetala upachara (Cooling treatment and medicines)Sheetala annapana (Coolant food and beverages) are recommended.To arrest the bleeding, the medicines with astringent property(Kashaya rasa)  are well advised.

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